Database Products 

Mailing Labels/Resource Lists/Directories

The United Way of Connecticut produces mailing labels, resource lists and specialized directories for other non-profit organizations, using 2-1-1’s statewide database of 4,100 health and human service agencies and 47,000 service provider sites.

Please complete an order form and return to the contact name/address specified on the form.


  • Mailing labels (hard copy or electronic): 15 cents per record; Minimum charge is $100.
  • Resource Lists and Special Directories: $100 for first hour or any part thereof; $50 for each additional hour; Minimum charge is $100.

First Class U.S. Mail or UPS Ground, unless overnight delivery is requested. Charges for overnight delivery will be added to your order.

The United Way of Connecticut produces and manages the 2-1-1 database. By purchasing labels or specialized directories, the buyer agrees to the following:

  • Mailing label buyers purchase rights for one-time use only, and only for the mailing specified on the order form.
  • Resource List and Specialized Directory buyers may copy and distribute the 2-1-1 specialized directory so long as credit is given to the United Way of Connecticut/2-1-1 and there is no fee charged for the copy.

Payment is net 30 days.

100 % of the total order is charged if the report is canceled after it has been created.