Nationally nearly 20% of today's active armed forces are women, currently the fastest growing group in the military. Connecticut boasts 15,000 women veterans. Although female veterans are entitled to the same benefits and services as their male counterparts, local and federal veteran resources try to address specialized medical and health services for this population. To access resources which assist women veterans, see the links below from the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs (CTVA), United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other important resource links for women veterans.


The Connecticut Department of Veterans' Affairs has a Veterans Service Officer who is a woman veteran who can assist in obtaining help unique to other women veterans.  Contact Dawn Rodock at 203-874-6711 for more information.

The West Haven VA Medical Center (VAMC) has a designated Women’s Health Care Center, located in West Haven, which assists women veterans in accessing VA benefit programs. Call (203) 932-5711 or visit the Connecticut VA's website at:, for assistance.

The Connecticut Women Veterans’ Network (VETNET), sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Veteran Affairs was established to assist Connecticut’s approximately 15,000 women veterans.

CT VETNET activities include:

  • Reaching out to women veterans in Connecticut
  • Increasing visibility and awareness about the contributions women have made in America’s military.
  • Establishing a database of women veterans living in Connecticut to facilitate communications & disseminate information about accessing benefits, services and programs available to veterans.
  • Advocating for the special needs of women veterans with local, state and federal agencies.
  • Identifying existing health and human resources available for women veterans.
  • Providing mutual support and assistance for Connecticut women veterans and their families.

For a link to the 2-1-1 Community Resource Database of programs/services and eLibrary papers on a multiple list of related topics for the Military/Military Families/Veterans, link to


The United States Veterans Affairs Department (VA), Center for WomenVeterans website, provides current news and events affecting women vets. In addition to up-to-date information nationally, ie conferences, studies, links are provided to various resources,

Women's Veteran Health Care website at, provides information on health care services available to women veterans, including comprehensive primary care as well as specialty care, which includes information on reproductive services, rehabilitation, mental health, and treatment for military sexual trauma. You can also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about women veteran’s healthcare.

The VA New England Healthcare Services, links women veterans in the New England region to news, services and programs.


  • American Gold Star Mothers, Inc., an organization of mothers who have lost a son or daughter in the service of our country.
  • American Women Veterans Foundation,, is working to develop a multi-pronged approach to help servicewomen, veterans and their families with business & education opportunities, and provide information on general benefits available to female veterans of all generations and conflicts.
  • Business and Professional Women's Foundation is joining forces for women veterans across the country to provide support and resources to women veterans and their families as they return to their civilian lives, which includes providing mentorships to women vets and military spouses. To learn more about the program, visit their website at:
  • Higher Ground, Higher Ground (HG), a veteran rehabilitation program combines sports, family and coping therapies to restore and rehabilitate men and women of the armed forces who have been severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. For more details, visit their website at:
  • National Women Veterans Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, is a memorial honoring all military women - and is the only major national memorial honoring women who have served in the nation's military, during all eras and in all services. For more information on the memorial, visit their website at
  • Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau helps service providers address the psychological and mental health needs of women veterans returning from combat, and has produced a new guide entitled "Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness",
  • Mesothelioma Group has dedicated a site to educating Veterans on asbestos use in the military, between the years, 1930-1970, and the cancer risk this may have provided to those who served during this period.  For more detailed information, visit:


SOURCES: Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs and United States Department of Veterans Affairs