Framework of a Call 

When a person calls 2-1-1, a trained 2-1-1 Specialist answers the call, listens carefully, demonstrating interest and concern, and building a relationship with the caller. The specialist answering the call handles the process all the way to the problem’s resolution. Callers appreciate the one-on-one relationship they experience with 2-1-1.

While responding to the caller’s questions, the specialist does an assessment that helps people sort out their needs and identify and prioritize them.

2-1-1 comprehensive database allows the specialist to explore with the caller various assistance programs and their services, offer options, describe realistic expectations for help, and refer the caller to services best meeting his or her needs. The caller is provided with information about programs so he/she knows what verifications are required, any eligibility criteria etc.

Concern for the caller does not end there. The specialist offers a follow-up phone call to see if the problem was resolved and if not, to offer additional options. Callers who prefer to remain anonymous are encouraged to call back and let the specialist know the outcome.